I love this shoe.  Everything about it.  I think it’s divine.  It was created by Valentino back in 2010.  You could buy it at Neiman Marcus.  Guess how much it cost.  Just guess.  $1000?  You would be wrong.   $2500?  You would stil be wrong.  $4000?  Bingo!  One of my favorite comments about these shoes at the time was by the person who said if you get a little black lace you could make these shoes yourself.  I want to meet the person who is reading a blog talking about $4000 shoes and in the same breath says you could DIY these shoes with a little lace.   I’ll meet you at Jo-Anns!  Actually, now that I”m thinking about it I might feel a challenge coming on.  $4000 or $20 in lace.  Hmmmmmm.   We’ll see where this goes….


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