Christian Louboutin’s Let Me Tell You ankle boots

Seriously, I adore these boots, or booties as I suppose I should call them ( I’ve always felt a little ridiculous referring to a shoe as a bootie).  None the less,  I have stared at these shoes for way too long a time trying to figure out what they say.  I’m seeing spots.   It’s mesmerizing.  Is it so easy I’m completely missing it? I keep thinking it’s Spanish, but I guess Italian would make more sense considering where they are made.  Of course Louboutin is french.   How sad if they don’t say anything.  What if there’s a message hidden in there and I’m just not getting it?  Do you recall the rumor from the ’70s that there was “low hanging fruit” in one of the underwear photos featured in the menswear section of the catalog?  I’m definitely not seeing that, but I’m wondering if hidden in these letters there’s some sort of kiss off sentiment that I’d regret wearing to a job interview.   Well, for now I’m just going to admire these hotties (I read that Oprah said these are “must have” shoes…booties damn it, booties) and if I can’t sleep tonight I’ll work on solving the word puzzle again.  Fashion is so good for the brain.


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