Zipper de doo da! Meet Christian Louboutin’s

Rodita Zip Platform Sandals


Christian Louboutin’s got things all zipped up as far as I can tell.  What I can’t figure out is why I can buy a shoe that’s supposedly $900 for only $160 on line,  but that’s another blog and someone else’s worry.  These shoes are FUN!  Of course you have the trademark red sole going on that adds a dash of pizzazz as if these shoes really needed that.

The heel is 4.75″ and there’s a pretty low platform.  Let’s just make an agreement- if you can’t walk in the heel don’t wear the shoe.  If you insist, station yourself at a cocktail table and just stand still.   Immediately connect with someone who is willing to bring you drinks all night.  Hopefully you won’t need to promise anything you’ll regret later.   I don’t know what to tell you about the bathroom- Depends?

fun site to check out: loubiworld.christianlouboutin.com/#/home


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