“They are the holy grail of Hollywood memorabilia,” Thomas told Entertainment Tonight. “They are the ‘take me home to Kansas,’ shoes, transcending Hollywood, representing an enduring symbol of the power of belief.”

So every once in a while you need to get a little nostalgic.  It’s Sunday night, I’m getting cozy after just returning from a quick weekend jaunt.  It’s such a cliche, but you know what?  There really is no place like home.  Fashion takes us to the land of Oz– exotic locations, glamourous people, outlandish outfits and a fair share of witches and munchkins.

Then we go home- we revert to the black and white version,  our Auntie Em and Toto too…and it feels good.  Hopefully peace, calm, reality, comfort, relaxation are there.  No make up, flat hair, cotton pajamas, fuzzy slippers and a big plush chair to slip into.

A few hours of sleep, maybe a crazy dream or two and it’s back to the yellow brick road to face the forest trees throwing apples at you.   You make a few friends along the way, find your heart, courage and brain, and fight off the flying monkeys. You’re a super hero.

Can we get home again caught in the swirling center of the tornado?  You can with the right pair of shoes.  The right pair gives you all the power you need.  The right pair can take you home no matter where you are. Next time you are caught up in the whirling mess of life’s stormy dramas remember just a few clicks of the right heel will take you home…and there’s no place like home.


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