Alexander McQueen’s angel shoes are heavenly

Let’s be realistic.  No angel could take flight donning McQueen’s seraphim slippers here.  Since I haven’t held them in my hands I could be completely misinformed, but those platforms could double as hand weights for a quick workout when you slip off into the powder room.  That said, these beauties are amazing.  The back of the shoe is as delightful as the front.  The beaded appliques against the nude netting is sensational.  A pair of boots would be divine.

I did a little digging to see if I could find a real person wearing them or even a view on the runway.  I even checked e-bay to see if anyone was selling a pair.  Couldn’t find them. There was another pair of McQueen’s shoes on sale there.  They were about $4500-or best offer.  I wonder if you can use PayPal on those.

Kudos to Alexander who shared his remarkable talent and vision for just a short time here on earth.  God gave him a gift and he used his talent it to add splendor to our world.


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