A jaw-dropping design of shoe by Mai Lamore is an elegant piece which is just not footwear but a work of art. 18 karat gold and the silk petals footwear are hand-dyed and are made of gold, onyx and agate. The Mother Nature-inspired design is a masterpiece in itself and is priced at $27,945.

Let’s just sit here quietly for a moment and let the beauty of this shoe sink in…………………now take a breath.  They feature hand-dyed silk petals, an 18K gold bee across the toe band and thorny gold heel.  I need to see someone in this shoe!  I need to see me in this shoe.  They cost nearly $30,000 USD.  I wonder if they could be rented for a day.

If you are buying, I would definitely recommend a duty free purchase because if you had to pay sales tax that would add about $6,400 to the price.  Of course, there is the trip to France or Hong Kong or wherever your fashion paradise is to save the money on sales tax.  You’ll have to weigh that one out depending on traveling first class or coach.

Sadly I kind of get the feeling if you wore these shoes in coach the passengers would whisper about the airline allowing hookers on the plane.  However, if you wore them in first class I imagine every eye glancing at your feet in envy to just have a taste of this shoe…or your foot.  These shoes are owed the opportunity to be worn in just the right setting–go first class.  That ticket cost is the least of your concerns.

What would the daily cost be if you amortized the price over a year? $99.72/day (sales tax incl).  How many cups of Starbucks is that?  Is there something wrong with taking a second mortgage on your home to buy one pair of shoes?  Wait, don’t answer that.


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