Red Velvet

Owning this shoe makes absolutely no sense for my current lifestyle yet something made me buy this work of art a few years back. They’ve never been worn…yet!

To my Sole Sisters–Why are shoes so seductive?  You walk through a department store to purchase something like sheets, or simply to get to another store located in the mall and all of the sudden you end up in the shoe department checking out the clearance rack for your size or tenderly fondling the newest style to hit the shelves.  Maybe department stores aren’t your style but you find yourself salivating on the shoe page of the newest mail order catalog that’s been deposited in your mail box.  Perhaps you happen to take a peak at the entertainment news on your Yahoo page and notice the “must have – can’t live without them” duo on the feet of some soon to be faded movie star.

I’m pretty sure shoe manufacturers are lacing (no pun intended) shoes they are shipping to sell with some chemical that magnetically attracts women to their final destination anywhere in the world.  Then somehow after we get our first touch we can’t resist pulling out our credit cards.  This really should be looked in to.  Perhaps closet manufacturers and shoes factories have some sort of conspiracy going on.

Whatever it is, we love shoes.  I love shoes.  So, I’ve decided to open the gateway to sharing our stories about shoes.  Shoe group therapy maybe?  A little bit of history, a little bit of fashion and hopefully a lot of photos and stories about your shoes and how they came to be.  Have a pair you just love?  Have a pair that have been to some exciting places?  Boots are welcome too.  Share your photos and your stories.  My goal is to give you a new shoe story 365 days in a row.  I’m hoping you’ll help me get the job done.  There’s a lot of shoes out there that have stories to tell.   Give the shoes a chance sole sisters!


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